Improve your life with MyMat

MyMat generates therapeutic frequencies using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), inducing the body in a state of resonance consistent with its original healthy frequency to activate the self-healing process. 

Integrative approach, combining findings of modern scientific research, energy structures of Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Chinese medicine.

Developed in Europe, produced in Switzerland.

More than 80 programs for different benefits.

Controlled by mobile App.


Some of its main benefits


MyMat transmits healthy frequencies, connecting with your inner wisdom to reactivate your self-healing capacity to recover and maintain your health and wellbeing.


MyMat helps to significantly decrease recovery time after injuries, operations, sports workout  through reactivating your immune system and accelerating cell regeneration.

Life Quality

MyMat with its symphony of grounding frequencies, helps in reducing symptoms of ailments, produced by toxins, stress, e-smog and other challenging life situations.

Stress Relief

With a wide range of programs to balance your chakras and  your meridian channels, MyMat helps in lowering stress and anxiety and stimulates positive emotions.


Controlled by Mobile App

MyMat is not just another PEMF device, it was the first portable PEMF device connecting through an App. You can use it on the go – where ever you are – having your personal Pocket Healer with you all the time.

MyMat has no side effects, there are no contraindications and it is non-invasive. MyMat is ultralight, portable, wireless, and you may program it with an easy-to-use App on your cell phone.



Who is it for?

Whether you need MyMat for your professional or personal use, the quality of your life and health will significantly improve. It is an easy way to relief stress and anxiety. MyMat boosts your immune system and performance, improves sleep quality and helps prevent and relieve health complications. 


Take it with you were ever you GO

Whether you need MyMat for your professional or personal use, the quality of your life and health will significantly improve. Easy way to relief stress relief and improve concentration. Boost your health, get rid of pain, improve sleep and depression, and help prevent and relieve health complications. 

Get your MyMat now and feel as never before!


Don’t postpone your well-being

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Good health has never been so easy!

Radically improve your health and longevity. PEMF works at the cellular level like a battery recharger for your whole body.


What do our clients say about MyMat

“I’m very happy with my purchase, it really works, the future is the present and MyMat has many possibilities. I highly recommend it. “

Jesse Osher

“I recommend MyMat because its works, it doesn’t have secondary effects, and it can’t harm you in any way. It’s an amazing small device.”

Janine Fafard

“I use it in the morning, I use at lunch time, I use it in the evening before I go to bed, and like this I can really control the pain”

Uva Meiner


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    A special program for every need

    The 85 programs included in the easy-to-use application are developed based on scientific research and a 10 years’ Research and Development phase. Health and wellness professionals have drafted programme combinations for your convenience and health which you can choose with just one touch.



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    The MyMat PRO is larger than the MyMat GO but smaller than the MyMat CLINIC. Despite of its intended design for professionals. its perfect also for home use – on your sofa or in your bed.

    The MyMat CLINIC is designed to be used in clinics and other professional settings. It’s the perfect size for your massage table. If you’re a dentist ask for the special size for dentist chairs.

    The MyMat EQUINOX is a portable blanket for equine use and for other large species. It is made with very resistant vinyl on the outside and a softer permeable fabric on the inside.

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