The unit comes complete with MyMat, charger, cable, pouch and user manual.




Product Reviews

Celina de Leon

MyMat is a wonderful healing device. As a holistic practitioner I frequently use it on myself, my family, and on clients. The diversity of settings and the ease of use make it both accessible and far-reaching in what it can do. I have found it both incredibly effective for energetic and physical imbalances and I am particularly impressed with how great it is for insomnia and overall foundational energy balancing.

Ulla de Mora

I have been using MyMat daily for a year now, and before that I was using its predecessor MicroMat. There is no describing the secrurity I feel for owning one as it not only boosts my immune system, to the point that I have not had a flu in years, but also stops in its tracks any headache, backache, fatigue, or insomnia. Thank you Renata Beffa for all the work that you have done to make this wonderful device available to the world.