The realize-ability of the brain

What is realize-ability? Brain functioning can have many problems, but at the same time has the ability to generate solutions…

The power of those around us

Your friends encourage you or bring you down? Do you spend time with people who bring you happiness? Many times…

Scientific Support

There are thousands of scientific studies about (PEMF), supporting the technology MyMat works with Pemf Info Campos electromagnéticos pulsados y…

What Others Say


I recommend MyMat because it works, it doesn’t have secondary effects, and it really helps
to sustain the health of all your organs.

Back pain

“I use it in the morning, I use at lunch time, I use it in the evening before I go to bed, and like this I can really control the pain.”

Uva Meiner

Relaxation for my pet

Kelly explains how she benefits from MyMat on a daily basis. She also tells how it’s not only her enjoying MyMat, but her little dog as well. Watch the video to learn what MyMat does for Kelly and her dog.