MyMat Programs

Adrenal Gland

• Helps to recover from extreme fatigue.

• Good for people who feel tired, constantly.

• Beneficial during hormonal disturbances.

• As a complementary treatment for allergy problems and autoimmune conditions.


• As a complementary aid in the treatment of addictions.

• To stop smoking or diminish alcohol or drug use.

• Diminishes the side effects that occur during the first phase of addiction treatment.


• To maintain the body’s intracellular communication and bio-communication activities. 

• Helps to keep the body in good shape by facilitating adaptation of vital organs. 

• To efficiently get rid of metabolic waste products.

• Eases daily stress both physically and mentally. 


• Complements the treatment of all types of disorders related to hearing and the sense of balance.

• To preserve and protect hearing quality.

• Use as a complementary treatment for chronic ear infections and middle ear infections.

• Use this program when working in noisy environments to maintain proper hearing function.


• For the prevention and treatment of back pain.

• As a complementary therapy for vertebral and disc diseases.

• Relieves existing low back pain (lumbago).

• Relieves muscle pain after physical exhaustion.

• Complementary treatment to back pain that blocks the movements of the hands and arms.

• Useful to resolve mental states such as anxiety or stress, which tend to manifest as back pain.


• Useful in the rehabilitation phase after bone fractures and other skeletal disorders and bone related diseases.

• Optimizes the metabolic functions of bone tissue.

• Relieves pain caused by disruption of metabolic functions of bone tissue.

• Complements bone formation and bone strengthening therapies.

• Regulates calcium balance and prevents osteoporosis.

• Relieves pain during periods of bone growth in children.

Child development

• Harmonizes the mental and physical development of girls and boys.

• Stimulates specific tissues that are important during growth and development.

• Strengthens the connection to earth (grounding), especially important for children living in urban areas.

Circulatory System

• Stabilizes circulation.

• Complementary therapy for circulatory disorders and diseases.

• To diminish oedema and useful in the prevention of oedema formation.

• Complementary treatment for arteriosclerosis.


• “Mind Booster” or “Mental Refreshment”.

• Promotes problem solving and linguistic expressiveness (speaking ability).

• Mobilizes energy reserves and connects with intuition.

• Use before and during business meetings and exams.

Connective tissue

• Prevents connective tissue injuries resulting from constitutional connective tissue insufficiency (ie people prone to develop hernias, varicose veins).

• Important part of any anti-aging program.

• Helps food and nutrients become available to the organ systems. 

Constipation or Obstipation

• In case of acute or chronic constipation or obstipation.

• Promotes intestinal activity.

• Regulates the texture of faeces.


• In case of acute or chronic diarrhoea.

• Regulates intestinal absorption disorders.

• Use in combination with immune system and detox programs.


• Improves the body’s detoxification mechanisms.

• Useful if poisons are ingested or after any type of poisoning/intoxication.

• Beneficial when giving up smoking, drinking alcohol or medications.

• Protects against the effects of smoke in passive smokers.

• Diminishes the side effects of alcohol and medication consumption.

Note: Do not use during pregnancy

Digestive System

• For periods of digestive discomfort and problems related to the assimilation of food.

• Improves functioning of all organs of the digestive system.

• Improves the absorption and assimilation of vitamins and nutritional supplements.

• Promotes digestion. Diminishes fatigue after eating heavy meals.

• Useful during long-term drug treatment.

• Diminishes the side effects of medications on the digestive system.

• Stimulates the digestive tract.

Energy Balancing

• Use daily for general well-being.

• Normalizes inefficient activity or over functioning organs.

• Aids in balancing uncoordinated movements (i.e., frequent accidents or injuries).

• Prevention of frequent headaches.

• For cold extremities.

Energy Booster

• Use as a ‘mind booster’, ‘mental enhancer’ and ‘refresher’.

• Improves mental performance in stressful situations.

• Improves performance in sport and at work.

• Mobilizes energy reserves and improves coordination.

• Use before and during competitions, business meetings or exams.

• Clears the mind.

E-Smog (Electromagnetic Pollution)

• For persons exposed to radiation from electronic and electrical equipment.

• To combat the effects of radiation from cell phones, microwaves and telecommunication (especially in densely populated areas).

• Use it at least twice a week.

• Beneficial for healers and energy workers as it helps to clean the aura of dense and negative energies.


• Promotes recovery from extreme fatigue and exhaustion.

• Clears internal blockages caused by monotonous activities.

• Diminishes discomfort due to poor circulation.


• Beneficial during eye fatigue or other discomfort in the eye.

• Facilitates the relaxation of muscles involved in eye movements. 

• Helpful in preventing problems and diseases related to the eye and vision.


• Supports the female reproductive and urogenital system.

• Helpful in regulating menstrual cycles and increasing comfort before and during menstruation.

• In case of frequent cystitis.

• Relieves symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

• May be applied in addition to existing treatments of incontinence. 

• Beneficial for men with a strong and dominant Yin constitution.


• To stimulate the immune system.

• Helps accelerate the recovery process from influenza, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia and intestinal flu.

  Start using the program with the first symptoms and use it at least 4 additional days after symptoms have disappeared. 


• As complementary therapy to control problems with glucose levels, related to sugar and carbohydrates.

• Helps with the stimulation of the bioinformatic connections of the pancreas.

• Supports low insulin receptors.

• To be used as a complementary therapy for obesity, depression, and type 1 and 2 diabetes.


• Relieves symptoms of haemorrhoids.

• Complementary treatment for rectal problems.

• Diminishes rectal pain when suffering from constipation.

Hair growth

• Aids in regenerating hair growth.

• In the case of alopecia and to strengthen the hair roots.

• Helps restore damaged hair and scalp (eg damage caused by frequent hair dyeing).

• As a complementary treatment for alopecia due to chemotherapy.


• Relieves headaches.

Heart Function

• Helps to complement therapies for cardiac arrhythmias.

• Beneficial when dealing with stressful situations that cause tightness in the chest and between the shoulder blades.


• Complements medical hypertension treatments.

• Regulates arterial and venous pressure.

NOTE: Risk factors such as stress, obesity, smoking, physical inactivity must be addressed.

Immune System

• Optimizes the functioning of the immune system.

• Complementary therapy for viral and/or bacterial diseases.

• Promotes the absorption and assimilation of antioxidants and vitamins.

• Stimulates the digestive tract.


• Stimulates and accelerates the healing process of damaged tissue.

• Beneficial to reduce scar formation.

• Beneficial to use before and after surgical operations.

Intestinal Flora

• Complements anti-fungal treatments of the digestive system and protects the intestinal flora from harmful fungal attack.

• Helpful in harmonizing intestinal flora, especially for those with allergies.

• Increases the effectiveness of special diets.

• Optimizes vitality.

• Helps people with chronic dysbiosis (imbalance between harmful and beneficial bacteria).

• Strengthens the immune system.

• As a complementary therapy for anaemia, eczema, parasitic and fungal infections and diseases. 


• Helps in the healing process of damaged joints.

• Relieves symptoms of joint inflammation.

• Promotes mobility.


• Helps maintain equanimity, balance and good humour in difficult times.

• Helps with emotional and mental balance.

• Complementary treatment for depression.

Jet Lag / Weather Sensitivity

• Diminishes the effects of jet lag, motion sickness and dizziness. 

• For people sensitive to weather changes.

• Aids in adaptation to climate and altitude changes.

• Diminishes headaches caused by high altitude and weather changes.

• Relieves discomfort caused by weather conditions, such as: tension, increased blood pressure, rheumatic pains, etc.

Libido I: related to the physical (Low physical power)

• Improves sexual performance

• Stimulates sexual pleasure in case of organ problems or insufficient energy.

• Complementary treatment in geriatrics.

• This program addresses erectile dysfunction due to aging or physiological problems.

Libido II: Stress or nervous system -related (Low Mental Power)

• In case of diminished vitality and sexual energy related to stress and anxiety.

• In case of weak libido due to everyday problems (use in combination with the LIBIDO I program for neuro-cerebral problems, allergies and other diseases).

• This program is suitable when there is a decrease in libido due to nervous system problems.

Note: Parasites can also be the cause of constant overstimulation of the nervous system.

Lymphatic system

• Helps optimize lymphatic circulation and diminishes lymphatic congestion.

• Facilitates recovery from infectious diseases.

• Makes the lymphatic system more efficient to eliminate toxins.

• Useful in diminishing allergic symptoms.

Male (Male reproductive system and male energy)

• Helpful during the treatment of male hormonal, sexual and urinary disorders. 

• Complementary treatment for incontinence (also in women) and prostate problems.

• Increases libido and the feeling of well-being.

• Complementary treatment for erectile dysfunction.

• For women with a strong and dominant Yang constitution.

• For women with painful, heavy menstruation or with more than 7 days of menstrual bleeding.

• When a balanced testosterone level is required.

Meditation I

• For beginners in meditation: to feel peace.

Meditation II

• For a deeper inner journey during meditation.

 Meditation III

• Advanced meditation.


• Helps memorize and retrieve stored information.

• Increases the ability to recognize important information.

• Facilitates concentration.

• Improves the efficiency of learning.

• Facilitates decision making.

• Increases the ability to act.

Mineral Metabolic Activity

• Promotes mineral metabolic activity and optimizes mineral absorption and utilization.

• Complements treatments for metabolic diseases. 

Muscle tissue

• Treats muscle tissue and stimulates its recovery.

• Supports the regeneration of muscle tissue after micro/minor injuries (exercises).

• Complements treatment for locomotor disorders (for example, after an accident or after a stroke with paralysis).

• Increases muscle performance and decreases the risk of injury.

• Supports healthy joints by strengthening the muscular system.

• Helpful for those who are predisposed to constitutional muscular atrophy or dystrophy.


• Helps diminish painful tension in the neck and shoulder region.

• Lessens pain in the neck area and shoulder girdle.

• Improves the performance of the vascular system of the neck and head muscles.

Nervous system

• Complementary treatment to nerve-cell regenerative treatments.

• Promotes relaxation and regeneration of the central nervous system.

• Complements the treatment of degenerative muscle diseases (i.e., muscle atrophy).

• Complements the treatment of muscle coordination disorders mainly caused by fatigue (i.e., deficient kidney chi, depleted adrenals, etc.).

• Complements the treatment of spontaneous uncoordinated muscle movements. 

• Pacifies heavy emotional moments (accident, divorce, problems at work).

• Stabilizes inner harmony.

• Helps to relax after long hours of work or study.

NOTE: Parasites can also lead to permanent over-stimulation of the nervous system.


• Helps to diminish acute and chronic pain.

• Aids in chronic pain conditions such as headaches and joint pain.

• Use after trauma or surgery.

• Helps diminish pain caused by vascular convulsions and seizures.

• Diminishes pain due to varicose veins

• In case of chronic conditions, this program should be used for consecutive days.


• Helps to overcome strong emotional moments (divorces, deaths, accidents, job problems).

• Stabilizes inner harmony.

• To relax after long hours of work or study.


• Helps to accelerate recovery processes after physical fatigue.

• Decreases muscle pain and soreness after training.

• Improves the feeling of tiredness in the legs and lower back after walking and standing; refreshes the muscles of the legs and the waist.

• Improves mental efficiency through physical regeneration.

• Decreases muscle tension after sports activities, do 1-2 cycles immediately after training.

• Useful after competition or extreme workout.  


• In case of stress and tension.

• Relieves the cardiovascular system.

• Helps with mental serenity.

• Helps channel unprocessed stress and emotions.

Respiratory system

• Complementary treatment in case of diseases related to the respiratory system. 

• To stimulate the healing process of the respiratory system in case of flu (influenza), bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, coughing.

• For dry cough (also smoker’s cough) use the program daily for at least 6 weeks.

• Optimizes respiratory functions during colds and the flu. Start using the program with the first signs and continue to use it for several days after symptoms have gone.

• Cleans the respiratory tract.

• Harmonizes breathing and to keep its natural rhythm.

• To improve the effectiveness of breathing exercises. As a complement to yoga breathing exercises (Pranayama).

Sinus Cavities

• Helps diminish acute and chronic sinusitis and the facial pain caused by it.

• Supports the immune system.

• Diminishes the risk of sinusitis in winter time or on windy/cold days.

• Stimulates the metabolic activity of the cavities and of the sphenoid sinuses.

• Useful in problems related to allergies.

• Helps prevent sinusitis in the incubation period of a flu infection.

• Use the program for several days after symptoms have disappeared.


• Helpful in all kinds of skin disorders and diseases, dermatitis of any origin.

• Complementary method of therapeutic intervention if you have inflammation of the skin.

• Complementary therapy for hormonal imbalances.

• To diminish juvenile acne.

• Improve skin healing after surgery.

Sleep Enhancer

• Helps falling asleep and promotes deep sleep.

• Diminishes sleep disorders.

• Increases the physical and emotional sense of peace.

• Helps diminish depressive thoughts.

• Increases physical and emotional well-being.

Stress Relief/Frustration

• Useful in case of anxiety and acute frustration.  

• Helps to solve physical and psychological problems due to repressed emotions. Helps one to remember events leading to the problem. 

• Helps in controlling overreactions due to a stressful lifestyle (which often end in self-destructive actions).

• Diminishes psychological stress (for example, due to supercritical introspection and self-perception).

• Releases the electromagnetic engrams (memory traces) of repressed emotions that lead to aggressive behaviour.

• For those who always help others and take very little time for themselves.

• To diminish nervous system and coordination disorders resulting from repressed emotions and disappointments.

• For people who feel that life treats them unfairly.

Thyroid Glands

• In hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

• Complementary treatment for people who are underweight or overweight.

• Reinforces the effect of reductive diets.

• Increases vitality.

• Optimizes the effects of thyroid hormones.

• Optimizes the activity of cell membranes.

Urinary (Kidneys and urinary tract)

• Complementary treatment when suffering from kidney disease.

• Complementary treatment for acute and chronic bladder infections.

• Helps diminish frequent chills.

Vertebrae (Spine)

• Complementary treatment for all back pain therapies and spinal complaints.

• Strengthens muscles. 

• Helps in the prevention of tissue damage for those doing heavy lifting.

• Diminishes spinal problems, which are often caused by chronic digestive dysfunction.

• A dislocated vertebrae may have three reasons: low muscle tone, too much tension or an imbalance of muscle tone.


• Increases vitality.

• Helps keep the body in good shape by facilitating the adaptation of vital organs.

• For successful elimination of metabolic waste.

• Eases daily stress load both physically and mentally. 

Weight control

• Complements weight loss treatment.

• Helps to absorb and utilize nutrients and promotes the elimination of toxins.

• Increases vitality.

• Diminishes depression during diet.

• Eliminate excessive food cravings due to repressed emotions.

• Helps to restore hormonal balance.

PET S (Small Pets)

• This program, in combination with others, helps your pet (cat, small dog, or small animal) recover faster from injury, illness, trauma, separation or travel.

PET X (Large Pets)

• This program, in combination with others, helps larger pets (large dogs, horses, and other larger animals). It diminishes recovery time after injury, trauma, illness, separation or travel.