What is realize-ability?

Brain functioning can have many problems, but at the same time has the ability to generate solutions to all kinds of problems that may occur. This is called the realize-ability of the brain and is a faculty that is being studied and researched to begin to see the repercussions of it on health. The brain is not exempt from having errors and failures in its functioning. This may be normal due to its large number of neural connections and the complexity of its functions within the body. The constant submission of the brain to problems and limiting situations make it even more prone to fail or suffer deterioration. But, like a complex system, brain functioning has parallel paths to these problems, which always seek several possible solutions; this is called multiple realize-ability. It can be compared to a road with several alternate roads, which are used, when there is a traffic jam, so that traffic is not affected. At the brain level, many daily affectations, little by little become a factor of lack of health. Among these are stress, anxiety, depression, which can generate mental disorders that cause suffering and disability. The brain, can find different responses to these alterations, however, for this, we must open our mind to new possible solutions. This versatility of brain function gives us hope that we can find ways to solve problems for which no solution was seen. Despite this versatility, the brain is accustomed to taking few solutions or ways to the possible problems it faces. Cognitive studies indicate that there is a bias in the analysis of reality and this causes people to respond to problems following few guidelines. As for the realize-ability, the bias affects what is called "availability bias". This happens when we create an image of the world based on the availability we have, according to Dobelli (Dobelli in his book The Art of Thinking, 52 errors of logic). For example, when a doctor uses a treatment, because it is the one he is used to work with the most and obtained good results, there may be new or more effective way, but in his brain the traditional treatment predominates. In relation to mental disorders, science is trying to find innovative models and strategies so that the brain begins to take advantage of its capacity for self-healing and thus take advantage of its realization.
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Denisse Barboza
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