Wellbeing for humans and animals. Restores disruption in the body’s electrical currents.

MyMat PEMF can be used on both humans and animals.

 Paula Cappella, a veterinary doctor in Costa Rica with a speciality in equine medicine, has been working with acupuncture for more than 6 years. She shares with us that, since she discovered MyMat, she combines both therapies to achieve better results:

“I didn’t start using the MyMat on horses, I acquired it because at that time my family was going through a complicated situation, very stressful. After reading a bit about this technology and hearing several positive and encouraging testimonials I decided to buy the MyMat Go which is the version for humans, as my intention was that my family and I would benefit from the PEMF therapies.

The results were so incredible, it proved to me that it did work. So I decided to start using the MyMat Go designed especially for “humans” on my equine patients. I placed them on the lumbosacral area as in horses this area is “the point of a thousand points” a term widely used in acupuncture.

I started to notice excellent results, so I decided to purchase the MyMat Equinox which is specially designed for horses. Since then, 3 years have passed and I am still using it to treat my patients and prevent all kinds of injuries and illnesses.

It has become a very valuable tool in my work. It allows me to enhance the effect of acupuncture. The combination of these two treatments gives much better results and in less time. I can use it for any ailment or condition I need to treat, be it musculoskeletal, stress, nervousness, metabolic, internal medicine, it is a tool for daily use, as a support in almost all my day-to-day cases”.

This is just one of the many testimonials we receive every day about MyMat®. MyMat PEMF can significantly contribute to overall wellbeing and supports in alleviating conditions and promotes self-healing for a wide variety of physical, mental and even emotional pathologies and disorders in humans and mammals. 

From peripheral vascular disease, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, neurological, rheumatic, paediatrics, dermatology, surgery, gynaecology, oral medicine, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, immunity, inflammation, reproduction, tumours and emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and much more. Based on more than 200 referenced scientific articles involving human and animal studies.

PEMF technology has been marketed worldwide for more than half a century, supported by strict studies on its scope and safe use. It still never ceases to amaze. Probably because the electromagnetic frequencies are not visible to the human eye, yet they are a reality. 

If you didn’t know anything about PEMF you may be wondering how a single device like MyMat® has such a wide range of work, which can support in the prevention or treatment of any disease?  The answer is simple to explain: 

Any disruption in the body’s electrical currents can lead to dysfunction or disease. These disruptions can be caused by dietary deficiencies, bad habits, genetics or others. MyMat® PEMF helps to restore the disruption in the electrical currents to a normal state, promoting general well-being.

All living beings need the electromagnetic field emitted by the earth, as it functions as a battery charger for our bodies: 

Children have a much more frequent pulsation per minute than an adult. This accelerated frequency helps the blood to flow through the body, as the heart is still small. As we get older there is a decrease in the beats per minute, as the heart gets bigger and gains the ability to pump blood with sufficient pressure. 

When a person suffers from an imbalance or illness, the heart rate, for example, can be affected.  

MyMat reproduces the frequencies of the earth’s electromagnetic field, functioning as a battery charger that sends energy to the human body and helps it to recover the correct pulsations. This not only improves circulation, but also improves the exchange of substances in the cell membrane of the different groups of cells in the body, which favours regeneration, thus contributing to the recovery or relief from any illness.

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