Inflammation is a natural self-healing process. Prevent or reduce chronic inflammation.

Inflammation is a natural response of our body to protect it against injuries, infections or diseases, but it can become a double-edged sword when it stays for a long time and becomes a chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can alter cortisol and insulin levels, it wears out our cells, results in increased fatigue, among many other problems.

According to experts it is important to recognize the type of inflammation that occurs. Is it doing a beneficial job to repair the body or is it prolonged and harmful to the body?

  1. Why inflammation occurs and what are the types of inflammation

The inflammation process has 3 main goals:

1- To protect the damaged area by producing liquid.

2- To destroy and eliminate harmful chemicals and inducers.

3- To repair damaged tissues.

There are two types of inflammation: acute and chronic.

    1. Acute inflammation:

It is easy to detect since its response is very fast, it is visible and feels hot. It contributes to repair and protect tissues. It disappears after neutralizing and eliminating the harmful stimulus helping the organism to return to its homeostasis. If this does not happen it becomes a chronic inflammation.

1.2 Chronic inflammation:

It is a cellular response in which inflammation, tissue damage and repair attempts coexist for a long time (could be weeks, months or years). In contrast to acute inflammation which is a natural response, chronic inflammation is a cellular response.

Experts have shown from research that chronic inflammation is associated with diseases ( such as cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, colitis, among many others. Dr. Hyman, founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center, states in many of his communications that if a patient suffers from any chronic disease, by default he has chronic inflammation ( ). He warns of the danger that sometimes one does not present any noticeable symptoms to generate an alert and “Inflammation is often hidden or silent, something that we can’t see or feel, but manifests itself as disease…”  

  1. From acute to chronic 

When an injury to the body occurs, the damaged cells cause a chain of actions to repair and protect the area in danger. White blood cells called macrophages ( phagocytize germs and dead cells. This is a normal process and is part of what is known as acute inflammation.

But when the macrophages are unable to eliminate or neutralize inducers, they have to turn to a better defence mechanism called lymphocytes (, that secrete a substance that activates the macrophage so that it is more powerful and enables it to eliminate the inducer much more aggressively. When this happens, unlike in acute inflammations, these white blood cells can end up attacking nearby healthy tissues and organs.

To give an example, a person who is overweight with a high percentage of visceral fat (, his or her immune system may perceive these fat cells as a foreign entity that threatens health and will want to attack them producing inflammation that could be maintained for as long as the person continues to be overweight. The biggest problem will occur as these blood cells will work to eradicate not only the aggressor agent, in this case the fat cells, but because they are so powerful that they will damage the tissue that is close to the microorganism that is being eliminated. 

3-  How to know if you have chronic inflammation?

As experts explain, chronic inflammation is silent, often invisible, difficult to treat and does not show the obvious physical signs of acute inflammation. 

However, there are certain symptoms that can indicate that you are suffering from chronic inflammation. They can be mild or severe and will be a wake-up call especially if they persist for several weeks or months:

Gastrointestinal problems, such as constipation, diarrhoea and acid reflux.

Mouth ulcers.



Weight gain.

Frequent infections.

Body pain.

Constant fatigue.


Depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.

4- Most common causes of chronic inflammation: 


Alcohol consumption.

Certain medications.

Exposure to toxins that the body cannot easily eliminate.

Recurrent episodes of acute inflammation.




Inflammatory diet: excess calories, saturated fats and high glycaemic load.

Sedentary lifestyle.

Stress (physical and psychological).

Sleep disturbances.

5- – Prevent or stop chronic inflammation

  • Incorporate in the diet certain foods rich in nutrients that contribute to reduce inflammation such as: curcuma, seeds rich in fatty acids such as chia, flaxseed; green leafy vegetables that have large amounts of antioxidants; probiotic foods that improve intestinal flora, cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli. A varied alkaline diet will always be beneficial.
  • Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage, thermotherapy, cryotherapy, electrical stimulation, traction therapy, among others. 
  • Stress management, with activities that regulate breathing, stimulate leisure and promote good interpersonal relationships.
  • Physical activity. 
  • MyMat PEMF therapies.

A healthy lifestyle is almost always the prevention and the cure. A healthy lifestyle is not easy to implement as it requires a planned process where every aspect of a person’s life will be improved little by little. It is worth the effort since chronic inflammation is the origin of a deterioration at the cellular level. Eating well, exercising, sleeping the necessary hours, drinking enough water, maintaining good relationships, are the pillars of health and will improve your quality of life.

MyMat PEMF is a great tool and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. No matter what area of your health you wish to improve, be it physical or emotional aspects, It’s effectiveness in a wide range of uses with its Low Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapies, has been demonstrated. Any illness or disease produces interruptions in the body’s electrical currents. MyMat PEMF therapies stimulate cells to restore the electrical current to normal. Thanks to this stimulation with MyMat frequencies, your own cells will remember how to work correctly.



6- MyMat PEMF Therapies for Chronic Inflammation 

MyMat PEMF ( is a safe and effective treatment to stimulate cellular self-healing and to counteract the effects of chronic inflammation. No matter what symptoms of chronic inflammation are present, from stress, depression, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues and more, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapies work at the cellular level to regulate the physiological aspects in the body that affect inflammation and autoimmune diseases. 

Based on research on the effects of PEMF, it has been shown to positively affect the cell membrane making it more permeable allowing it to better interact with its environment, efficiently expelling waste and better absorbing nutrients.

PEMF only acts on cells that are compromised. It has been proven that healthy functioning cells do not respond to magnetic fields. MyMat PEMF has a greater effect when there is an imbalance in tissues or cells or an altered inflammation process. It reduces chronic inflammation without negatively affecting beneficial acute inflammation functions.

As already mentioned, chronic inflammation occurs when lymphocytes come to help macrophages to eliminate or neutralize inducers and this can damage the surrounding tissues. PEMF therapies prevent and stop the chain of (re)actions of unwanted lymphocytes. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated between 48 to 72 hours after therapy, but these effects diminish after so it is recommended to use it regularly to see long term effects and assure the full integration and restored memory of your cells functioning.

MyMat is light and easy to carry, its design was created to promote regular use. You can receive PEMF therapies while doing other activities.  With regular and disciplined use, you get lasting and relevant results that improve your quality of life.

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