Perhaps one of the sensations that we enjoy most is the sand on our feet when walking on the beach, or that sigh that does not occur when we reach the top of a mountain, or maybe the tickling of the grass on our body when we lie down to feel the sun’s rays. All these sensations are comforting emotionally and physically for our body, they fill us with peace and tranquility. What we do not know or maybe we do not take into account is that these experiences are also beneficial for our health and quality of life.

The human being evolved in nature and we often forget that our inner instinct is deeply linked to the environment and to everything that it can give to our body. Currently we live in cement prisons that do not allow the body to join nature regularly and we are even exposed every day, at all times, to negative frequencies that alter our natural bio rhythms. The pollutants, noise, smoke and electromagnetic waves of everything around us cut our communication with nature and with all the benefits that this gives us

The theory of grounding is based on connecting with the Earth directly when sitting, lying or standing bare foot directly on the ground, grass or sand to let the energy flow, both the one that comes from the earth and the one that is detaching from our body. When practicing grounding (also called earthing), the negative energy leaves the system and is regulated at the same level as the planet. This will fill the body with peace and harmony, as well as uniting it more with its natural bases.

What are the bases of grounding?

 We start from the basis that the human being is electromagnetic and that, to be healthy, we need to establish an adequate and balanced conductivity. The longer we disassociate ourselves from the natural environment and, therefore, absorb more damaging electromagnetic fields produced by the electrical devices that surround us, the more our organism deteriorates, as it becomes unbalanced from its natural fields. This is extremely harmful to our health causing headaches, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, insomnia, among others. However, these charges that we absorb and that generate oxidation in our cells and tissues can be easily counteracted by neutralizing free radicals with the regular practice of grounding also if you cannot be in nature.

How does it work?

 The surface of the earth is electronically conductive and it maintains its negative charge continuously thanks to various atmospheric factors such as the 8,640,000 rays that shake it daily. The surface of the earth is electrically charged and is also conductive. So, when we walk barefoot our body is discharged from the accumulated electrostatic energy and absorbs the negatively charged electrons (beneficial charges for the body). This means that, by absorbing the energy of the earth, we alkalize our organism by recharging it with electrons and we increase our antioxidant capacity to neutralize free radicals. It is relevant to mention that all viruses and pathogens contain a positive charge. According to Dr. Oschman, expert researcher in cell biology, biophysics and physiology and recognized authority in bioenergetic medicine “Our skin is an excellent driver. We can connect any part of our skin to Earth. But the area of ​​our body that connects more deeply is the one that is exactly in the middle of the ball of the sole of the foot, at a point that acupuncturists call Kidney. It is a well-known point which is connected to all acupuncture meridians and in essence to every corner of the body. The lack of this contact has much to do with the emergence of modern diseases. “” Since the Earth is negatively charged, touching the ground is connecting the body with a source of negative energy charge, which is absorbed by the body,  through the soles of the feet “. He also adds “It turns out that when you make contact with the earth, the red cells get a greater load on their surface, which separates them from each other, causing the blood to thin, flow easily and lower blood pressure.”

How can MyMat help practice grounding?

As much as we want, every day it becomes more difficult to maintain our connection with nature. Work and constant daily commitments make it difficult for us to give nature time and sustain this need of the body. MyMat, being able to transmit energies similar to those produced by the earth helps to cleanse the organism of harmful charges, giving it the peace and tranquility necessary to maintain the harmony of body, mind and spirit. The pulsed electromagnetic fields generated by the MyMat with its grounding program can help to detoxify the body from the pollution caused by e-smog, in addition it can re-establish communication with nature, through the beneficial frequency loads on the organism.

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Denisse Barboza
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