Frequencies, vibrations and their positive effect on health

Vibrations, sounds and frequencies have had, since the first cultures, a close relationship between the inner world of a human being, healing and the divine.

Nowadays, thanks to thousands of studies, it has been proven that the intuition of our ancestors to make use of certain vibrations and frequencies to influence their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels is correct and verifiable in scientific terms. They do have a real positive effect.

For this reason, ever since a few decades ago, alternative therapies that make use of vibrations and frequencies to achieve favourable results in the health of humans and mammals in general, have become popular. These are therapies that are based on the use of energy that generates certain waves and frequencies that are transferred to the human body with the aim of improving the symptoms of some pathologies. To mention some of the most well-known therapies: reiki, sonotherapy, PEMF and bioresonance.

To understand how a sound or a vibration of energy that produces a certain frequency can affect a body, we need to start understanding the following concepts: what is frequency and vibration? and how are they related?


It is a process and consequence of making something move, oscillate, tremble or move. It is a propagation of energy waves; it can be considered as a repetitive movement.


It is a magnitude that measures the number of repetitions per unit of time of any phenomenon or event. Usually, it is measured in Hertz (Hz), which indicates the number of times a phenomenon repeats itself per second.

Relationship between vibration and frequency 

One way to describe a characteristic of a vibration is to use its frequency. The frequency would indicate the number of times an oscillation cycle of that vibration is completed.

Frequencies and their effect on health

The positive effect of the frequencies generated by sound has been the subject of analysis for hundreds of years, there are even studies   that support that certain inaudible sounds can generate positive frequencies for the good health of the human brain.

Frequencies are in everything that surrounds us, but not all frequencies around us have a healing effect. There are certain frequencies that have been scientifically proven  to promote healing or improve the energy and mood states of a human being. 

What are the beneficial frequencies for human beings?

There are certain frequencies that have been scientifically proven to promote healing or improve the energy and mood states of a human being. Here we show you some of them:

– 40Hz is related to gamma brain waves and memory stimulation.

– 174 Hz One of the Solfeggio frequencies we mention in this list. It is used for pain relief as well as stress release.

– 285 Hz Activates cell regeneration, so it can be used to heal cuts, burns, blows or other physical injuries.

– 396 Hz This frequency helps transform unpleasant emotions into happy and calm ones, which is why it is very effective in combating anxiety, fear and depression. You can see other applications of this incredible frequency here.

– 417 Hz This frequency works at an energetic level, so it is ideal for dissolving negative energy from the environment or as a result of past traumas. It activates the sacral chakra.

– 432 Hz Being in contact with this frequency will make you perceive higher levels of mental and emotional clarity. A curious fact is that this frequency is used by opera singers to tune.

– 440 Hz This frequency stimulates cognitive development and activates the third eye chakra, linked to the pituitary gland. Fosters spiritual connection and provides people with wisdom, knowledge and insight.

– 528 Hz The frequency of love. It creates resonance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

– 639 Hz Used to promote a better attunement, resulting in improved harmonious interpersonal relationships. It contributes to a better communication, empathy towards the other and understanding in general.

– 852 Hz Exposure to this frequency can help reduce anxiety and depression, it is widely used for psychological ailments.

This information may seem “new age” but sound frequency healing to promote wellness has been around for centuries.

There are many frequencies, with healing properties to promote the regeneration of different groups of cells.

We can find these frequencies in nature, not only in the sounds that it produces. A flower for example, vibrates at certain frequencies, although our senses do not have the ability to perceive it.

Music has always been a healing tool because of the frequencies it transmits to us. There are certain instruments specifically created to produce healing frequencies such as Tibetan bowls, gongs, wind chimes, among many others.

Our planet earth has a magnetic field that, in addition to protecting us against cosmic radiation, provides us with a wide range of frequencies that are absolutely necessary for the health of all living beings. That’s the reason why astronauts on a space trip require a device that reproduces the frequencies of the magnetic field of our planet, as to protect their health.

MyMat® PEMF is a portable electronic device, designed to reproduce frequencies with self-healing effects of the body. Through an app the user can program the low intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency therapy of choice. It has a wide variety of frequencies and as such its range of benefits and uses is extremely wide. It can be used to prevent or improve a large number of physical and emotional pathologies. To learn more about how MyMat works and its hundreds of benefits, click here.

The future of human health will be based on the use of technologies to prevent diseases, rather than to cure them. In this sense, devices such as MyMat PEMF are beginning to be part of the common domestic electronic devices for daily use at home. At the end of the day, what is more useful than a device that helps improve your health?


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