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What is MyMat Pro?

How Does It Work?

MyMat Pro has 16 coils that emit pulsed electromagnetic fields to generate electromagnetic signals and microcurrents that interact with our cells, tissues, organs and systems, generating benefits in our health and well-being. These 16 coils work in 4 series of 4, in this way 4 complementary therapies can be programmed at the same time.
Due to its greater effectiveness in each therapy, the MyMat Pro is recommended for use in clinics where patients will receive therapies with long periods of time between appointments. MyMat Pro uses a non-invasive technology known as “pulsed electromagnetic field therapy” (PEMF) which has been in use for decades in applications. MyMat Pro PEMF device is a system that is intended both for home and clinical use.

Technical description:

How Does It Work?
  • Principio de funcionamiento: Generación de Campos Electromagnéticos Pulsados de baja frecuencia y baja intensidad
  • Tecnología conocida como:  CEMP, Magnetoterapia
  • Clasificación del producto:  Electro medicina
  • Rango de frecuencias: 1 HZ a 200 KHZ
  • Señal emitida: Pulsos de ondas magnéticas, ondas cuadradas, intensidad del campo magnético en la superficie de la almohada de 10 micro teslas
  • Intensidad máxima del campo magnético a 5 centímetros de la superficie del dispositivo:  0.5 micro teslas (5 miligauss)
  • Programación:  85 programas de rehabilitación, fitness, relajación física y emocional
  • Sistema de control:  App programable para dispositivos móviles Android o IOS y computadoras Windows
  • Suministro de poder: Wifi y batería recargable de 3.7 voltios DC, 3000 miliamperios hora
  • Seguridad:  Protección activa de corto circuito, sobre corriente y sobre voltaje.  Protección Pasiva con fusibles tecnología SMT.
  • Rango de temperatura para su funcionamiento: +5◦ hasta 45◦C


Frequently Asked Questions

By charging magnetic fields surrounding cell membranes channels open up for better nutrient penetration. Opening the channels also promotes easier waste elimination, efficiently restoring proper cell function. An efficient system of cells creates efficient tissue, which come together to make organs. Restoring proper function from the cellular level brings beneficial long term effects to all related problems and improves overall well being. Healthy cell function also diminishes the need for cell replacement, slowing down aging processes and energy waste.

What Others Say


Aura Herrera

I use it my self and for my clients

«I recommend it because its works, it doesn’t have secondary effects, and it can’t harm you in any way. It’s an amazing small device and really helps to sustain the vibration level of all your organs.»

Janine Fafard