¡Win a MyMat!

We have created this event with the intention of expanding the benefits of the pulsed electromagnetic field technology of our MyMat device and to contribute to the integral well-being of people.


How to take part?


Submit your MyMat History and enter the contest to win a MyMat GO


Participate with 1 or 5 tickets to win a MyMat GO.

  • With your written MyMat History  (with photo) or a Video you participate with 1 ticket.
  • If you put it on our social networks (FB or IG) you participate with 5 tickets.

FB: Tell us on Facebook about the benefits that MyMat has given you, accompany it with a photograph of yourself using it, or leave us a video of a maximum of 1 minute and a half, in horizontal format.

IG: Share a story, do not forget to tag us and comment on your MyMat experience with a photograph of yourself using it or if you prefer a video in landscape format.



  1. Fill in your details in this Google form . Make sure you have read and approved the Terms and Conditions of the contest.
  2. Send us  your MyMat History with  a photo (preferably with the MyMat) and your full name to this email: support@healinghouse.life or through WhatsApp: + 506 84557020.
  3. For 5 tickets: Post your MyMat History in our Social Networks following the above-given instructions.


* All testimonials will be published on the social networks of MyMat PEMF/Healing House.

* Restrictions apply



Time to compete: from September 26 to October 17.

The winner will be announced on October 27, 2021.



What kind of testimony can you choose to do?


The MyMat History should focus on the benefits that have been obtained from using the MyMat. It can be in video or text format (accompanied by a photograph). All testimonials will be distributed in the ‘support chats’ and social media platforms and networks of MyMat PEMF/Healing House, in order to reach as many people as possible.


What considerations must be taken into account when making the Testimony?



– Make sure to record your testimonial with the screen in a horizontal position (video and photo).

– Avoid background noise when making the video.

– Ensure good light for taking the photo or video.

– Your testimonial can be in English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian or Spanish.

– The video should be a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 1.5 minutes.

– Within the video, you must indicate your name.

– Answer the questions of the Google form that apply to you in your video testimonial.




Contest Terms and Conditions


This promotional activity called “MyMat History” (the “Contest”) is organized by Healing House Ltd. (the “Organizer”). Participation in this Contest implies full knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (the “Bases of the Promotion”). Any violation of the Bases of the Promotion or the Conditions of Use of Healing House Ltd. or the procedures established by the Organizer to carry out this Contest will imply the immediate exclusion of the participant.




The Contest will be valid from October 1st to October 27th , inclusive, (the “Term of Validity”) and will be valid internationally.




Any natural person over 18 years of age and under 18 years of age with the written consent of their guardian or person in charge, during the Term of Validity, may participate without any obligation to purchase any product. All Organizer personnel are excluded from participating in the Contest.


The Contest and the raffle focus on testimonials, and as such the participants must have used the product (MyMat) either in clinics, fairs, or for personal use.


By sending the video to the corresponding email, the participant immediately grants ALL RIGHTS OF USE AND DISTRIBUTION OF THE VIDEO to Healing House Ltd. for public use, reproduction, advertising, and any manifestation of the brand under the name of Healing House Ltda. and MyMat PEMF.





Each Participant can participate with one (1) ticket with a Written Testimony, which is done by answering the questions in a Google form (and sending a photograph by email). If the participant sends an additional Video Testimonial, the participant will participate with another (1) ticket.



  1. Each Participant must fill in their details in this Google form . Each Participant must have read and approved the Terms and Conditions of the contest.
  2. The participant must send the MyMat History according to the above-given instructions to participate with 1 or 5 tickets.

If necessary, a clarification of permission must be sent along in case a minor appears in the video or picture.



Requirements for the written testimony and photograph:


  • Fill in the details in the Google form and answer the Questions, this is the written testimony. Make sure to send a picture by email as well.
  • It must be about a person or animal using the MyMat.
  • The image must be clear and focused enough to distinguish the person and preferably the MyMat.
  • It must be taken strictly HORIZONTALLY.
  • It cannot have any type of sexual content, violence, or any condition that harms the sensitivity of the spectators.



Video Requirements:


  • The video should be a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes.
  • The person or persons appearing in it must be clearly visible.
  • It should be done in a quiet environment, without noise or background music.
  • The audio must be sufficient to clearly hear what is said in it.
  • It should be taken strictly HORIZONTALLY from beginning to end without changing it in any way during recording.
  • It must not contain words, images, people or objects that incite violence.
  • It must not contain words, images, people or objects of sexual content.
  • The quality of the video is linked to the device used to take it; however, it must be of the highest possible quality in order to be used as part of the contest.



The Organizer will not be responsible for entries in the Contest that are not registered due to transmission or technical failures of any kind not attributable to the Organizer.


The Organizer, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify, not consider and / or eliminate those publications and / or Participants that, at its discretion, meet any of the following grounds for exclusion:


  1. i) use or attempt to use any process, technique or mechanism for participation other than those detailed in these Terms of the Promotion. ii) use techniques of a robotic, repetitive, automatic, programmed, mechanized or similar nature; iii) use or provide false or invalid information; iv) employ any technique that, in any way misrepresents, confuses or hides any information that can identify the point of origin or the route of transmission; v) are offensive, vulgar or obscene; vi) contain comments, images, messages, opinions, information, or similar, defamatory, abusive, contrary to morals and good customs, discriminatory, offensive, obscene, intimidating, slanderous, inappropriate, illegal, violating the rights of third parties of any nature, including the rights of minors, that causes damages and / or damages, constitutes a crime or apology for a crime and / or incites violence and / or the commission of crimes; vii) involve a violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties, or viii) use other misleading means of publication ix) others that in the opinion of the Organizer may breach.




The prize for the Sweepstake Contest Winner will be a MyMat GO, with the operational needs. It will contain a MyMat GO, bag, cable and a user manual.


The winner will be made known publicly through the social platforms and networks, properties of Healing House Ltd.


To guarantee that the prize is effectively delivered to a winner, in the draw a potential title winner and 5 alternate winners will be chosen, the potential winner will only acquire the quality of winner in case this person is effectively contacted following the procedure described. In case it is not possible to contact the winner, we will proceed to try to contact the corresponding potential alternate winner following the same order in which they were chosen.


The selection process of the potential winners (holders and alternates) will be random (random programming in Excel) on the basis of data taken from the Platform’s system.





On the same day of the draw, the Organizer will contact whoever is the Potential Winner Holder of the prize using the telephone number registered by the Participant in the email sent along with the video or written testimonial, in order to inform them of their status as winner. In the presence of the delegate, an attempt will be made to establish telephone contact with each Potential Title Winner on at least 3 consecutive occasions, taking time differences in account. In this contact, the data of the winner will be validated and the acceptance of the prize confirmed. The winner must make available the options available to the Organizer for the delivery of the prize (depending on the country where the winner lives).


If the person does not answer, this Potential Title Winner will lose the right to be awarded the prize. In the circumstances that none answers, an alternative communication will be attempted, with the strict order in which they were selected, under the same procedure and under the same terms, to the Substitute Potential Winners, to inform them of their Potential Winner status. The Organizer may publish the name of the Winner, within 5 business days after the end of the Promotion on the social networks of Healing House Ltd. which is preliminarily accepted by the Participants and binding in the event of being winners.



The Prize must be redeemed, prior to agreement with the Organizer and subject to the availability of both. In order to redeem the Prize, it will be an essential condition that the Winner personally concur to use the Prize with their identity document, or in exceptional cases, by means of a written document assign the prize to another person. The prize may not be assigned to any other third party nor will it be exchangeable for money.


TAXES AND EXPENSES: All taxes, fees, or contributions that must be paid, any sum of money that must be paid to the national or local tax authorities, due to the offer, assignment or delivery of the Prize will be paid by the Organizer. All expenses and costs incurred or may be incurred to participate in this Contest or to redeem the prize and that are not contemplated within it, are the responsibility of the Participant.


GUARANTEES: The prize is awarded without any other additional guarantee than those provided by the producer, importer and distributor of the product, to whom the Winner should turn to for any claim for failure of quality or performance.


OPERATION OF THE SITE: the Organizer will not be responsible for failures in the Internet network, in the computer equipment, nor for technical defects, human errors or deliberate actions of third parties that could interrupt or alter the normal development of the Contest.


SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: when unforeseen circumstances that constitute a fortuitous event, force majeure or similar that justify it, the Organizer may suspend, cancel or modify, in whole or in part, this Contest without the need to previously inform the Participants of such circumstances, in any case any Modification to this document will have the due approval of the respective authority.


PERSONAL DATA: Personal data will be stored and will be of exclusive use by Healing House Ltd. The data will not be used for commercialization or advertising of any kind, it will only be used for future Sweepstake Contest.


Healing House Ltda., A company located in Costa Rica is responsible for the personal data that will be used by him for the development of the Contest and for the following purposes: (i) participate in the sweepstake contest according to the terms and conditions indicated above (ii) in case of being selected as a potential winner, be contacted in order to accept the prize (iii) Be identified as the winner, publishing at least your name on social networks, platforms and on the Website as a result of the contest. (iv) others, as authorized by the winner at the time of awarding the prize. The Participants as holders, acknowledge and accept that their data is delivered and will be used by Healing House Ltda. For the purposes established in these terms and conditions of the contest and will be stored by Healing House Ltda, all this with an adequate level of data protection. As the owner of personal data, you can exercise your rights and contact the person in charge of your personal data.