MyMat® PEMF therapies can help you recover faster and reduce the risk of complications.

Entering an operation room with a scheduled or emergency admission is always a stressful situation for a patient and their family members. Surgery is only the beginning of a process that can take a long time even after the patient is discharged.

The post-operative period is the phase starting from the time the patient comes out of surgery until he or she is fully recovered.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapies are ideal to help a patient with the different phases of recovery. MyMat® PEMF is a therapeutic tool, it has no side effects and no contraindications. Regardless of the complexity of the surgical intervention the patient has undergone, MyMat® PEMF can always be used safely.

One of the great advantages of MyMat is that, as it is portable and has many different programmes, the patients, even if they have reduced mobility, can programme MyMat on their own or with the help of a family member and personalise the therapy according to their main treatment needs.

MyMat supports post-operative wound healing, increases the body’s blood circulation, relieves pain, decreases anxiety, controls or improves appetite, among many other benefits.

Many studies since the 1960s have concluded that PEMF therapies reduce inflammation and increase platelet adhesion. Platelet adhesion is the first step in the body’s recovery. However, for some people, this process does not happen as easily as it should, which can lead to complications such as wound infection and other scarring and healing problems, and therefore PEMF therapies are an ally in achieving rapid recovery.

PEMF therapy activates the body’s ability to send platelets to a site where they are needed to begin the healing process. Once this process begins, cell regeneration may leave your body even stronger and healthier than before.

Use MyMat® PEMF in each of the postoperative phases

A postoperative period consists of three phases:

1- Immediate or post anaesthetic phase:

This is the first 24 hours after a patient has undergone surgery. At this stage the patient requires a lot of medical supervision, as the body is adapting to the change and effects of the intervention.

Usually in this phase, pain is at its peak. MyMat® PEMF can provide relief because, as its frequencies pass through the cells, they stimulate many of the electrical and chemical processes in the body’s tissues, improving cellular health and function. Cells in an area of chronic pain or inflammation that receive MyMat frequencies can be revitalised, reducing or eliminating pain in the target area altogether.

This results in less consumption of painkillers that may produce side effects later on.

2- Intermediate phase, encompassing the hospitalization period:

This is the first week after undergoing surgery, in this phase organ damage may occur due to dehydration, or infections may arise.

MyMat PEMF can strengthen the immune system. PEMF gives the body’s cells higher levels of energy. This gives them the potential to fight infections effectively. PEMF also increases the oxygen available to each cell.

3- Convalescent phase:

This is the period of time after the first week and up to one month, where rest is still recommended to prevent the sutures from loosening, however, it is also essential to maintain good blood circulation to avoid other complications such as venous thrombosis.

PEMF therapy mechanically stimulates the blood vessels and blood flow, the blood vessels pump blood and oxygen to the cells. Simultaneously, PEMF therapy mechanically stimulates the lymphatic vessels and waste products are removed from the cells more efficiently.

Use MyMat® therapies in combination with other good habits to help your body with the post-operative recovery process.

Nutrition and MyMat

Eating the right food leads to a better blood composition, which is particularly beneficial for the healing process. Proteins and vitamins are more important than ever.

After an operation, some patients may lose their appetite, others may have the complete opposite and have high levels of anxiety that makes them consume more poor-quality foods, such as sweets or fatty and salty foods. Also, as a result of lack of mobility they may have problems with constipation. Support yourself with MyMat’s pre-established programme combinations: Lack of Appetite, Constipation, Heartburn, Anxiety or Nutrient Absorption.

Do not consume alcohol, tobacco, sugar

It is recommended to avoid substances that alter the nervous system, liver or pancreas.  After surgery, blood flow becomes your ally, as it is the key to a speedy recovery.

Use MyMat programmes that promote blood circulation, peace and tranquillity, oxygenate your body and aid to detoxify, such as E-Smog, the various Meridian programmes as for example for the large intestine, pancreas and liver.

Good sleep and MyMat

Our body regenerates when we rest. A good night’s sleep is essential for a good recovery. Sleep regulates serotonin levels, and this neurotransmitter affects intestinal peristalsis, regulates stomach function and reduces appetite. In addition, this hormone affects mood, anxiety and happiness. Try the MyMat insomnia, sleep enhancer and other sleep hygiene combinations.

Whether you are looking for a tool to help you recover from a scheduled surgery or to support a loved one through this difficult process, trust MyMat, you will be amazed by the results. Learn more about this portable, side-effect free device on our website.