Has stress become part of your day to day? When we feel a physical discomfort we relate it to some physical affectation that we have suffered, without taking into account that stress can be the culprit of these ailments. In our body, the hypothalamus is responsible for alerting the body when we are in a situation of threat or pressure. This causes us to produce hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. The first is responsible for increasing the heart rate, blood pressure and energy supply. The second is responsible for producing glucose in the blood; alter the response of the immune, digestive and reproductive system in addition to the growth process. When we expose ourselves daily to stress, and often produce these hormones, we can cause physical damage to the body directly affecting our quality of life.


Some of the physical repercussions that the body has to the daily exposure of stress can be:


Depression: Stressful situations increase the risk of suffering from this disease. The problems to face the tension generate physical weariness, bad mood and feelings of sadness.


Ulcers: Stress alters the digestive system in people and increases the production of stomach acids, which promotes the development of ulcers, indigestion and discomfort.


Insomnia: This is a frequent consequence of stress and is generated by the alteration of the nervous system, which makes it difficult to concentrate, generates irritability and lack of motivation.


 Heart Disease: According to the Columbia University Medical Center, the increased heart risk from stress equals smoking five cigarettes a day, as tension increases the level of hormones in the blood and accelerates blood pressure.


Irregular menstruation: Chronic stress damages the hormonal balance of the body, which induces delays or absences of menstrual flow. Some studies even claim that women with stressful jobs have a 50% greater risk of having short periods.


Reduction of sexual desire: The high production of cortisol reduces the generation of the hormones that feed the libido.


Obesity and overweight: Being in constant stress, the person does not limit the intake of high-calorie foods, as it seeks to satisfy their emotional needs.


Hair loss: This is one of the frequent consequences of stress, since it is caused by the weakening of the hair follicles or the anxiety of pulling the hair to deal with negative feelings.


Acne: The high levels of cortisol that are generated by stress increase the production of body oils or fats, which contributes to the appearance of grains..

How does MyMat help in the physical repercussions of stress?

 The pulsed electromagnetic fields help the cells work properly, causing reduction of stress and most of the ailments caused by stress itself. The programs related to harmony and peace help to control the sensation of alarm in the body, maintaining the tranquility when facing situations of pressure. These programs will also help improve problems such as insomnia, depression, irregular menstruation and in general, all those related to emotions and psychological affectations. MyMat also contains specific programs for conditions such as reduced libido and hormonal problems caused by stress. These programs are focused on the system of men and women and their needs for proper function and balancing.

 The MyMat staff is always available giving integral support to all clients guiding them to take full advantage of all its benefits.

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