From idea to creation. The reason why MyMat® was developed, as told by its creator Renata Beffa.

Creating something doesn’t happen overnight, many dreams and desires, synchronicities and experiences come together to first form an idea, then a visualisation and ultimately reach materialisation.

Looking back at the important events in the life of Renata Beffa, founder of Healing House and ‘mother’ of MyMat® PEMF, it is easy to spot those key moments that led her to an important destiny, the creation and innovation of this great device that supports the body’s cells and has the ability to enhance self-healing, without any side effects.

Renata, in her quest to positively impact the health and quality of life of as many people as possible, knew that she had to find a way to design a tool that was accessible and easy to transport so that it could be taken to the farthest corners of the world where there is little access to healing and health professionals. Little by little, with a lot of research and support from different professionals, she created MicroMat, which later became the ‘father’ of the MyMat®.

“The name MyMat® was actually given by the users of MicroMat” Renata tells us, as some of them whilst embracing the MicroMat would call it “my pillow” in Spanish and in English “my mat”, and share with me how it helped them in moments of pain, crisis or discomfort of symptoms of different diseases.

We share this short video, with the interesting story of how MyMat® PEMF originated, told in first person by its own creator, Renata Beffa.

 To watch the viceo, click on the image or here .



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