To go on with the information of the last blog I would like to share this with you:

My mom is for 7 years now in the Alzheimer’s department of the senior home in the village I grew up. It is really hard seeing her deterioration and the feeling of having lost her while her body is still alive. She does not talk anymore and has to be fed like a little bird.  

I only can go and see my mom a few times a year as I live far away.   I was there a few days ago and had a long conversation with one of the nurses.  She told me that the seniors would arrive – most of them because they were not able to be in their home alone anymore – some already because they started Alzheimer’s . Most of them would take up to 20 different prescription drugs for pain, high blood pressure, digestion and so on.  The moment theses seniors started Alzheimer’s – doing their health check, they could take them off their prescription drugs as they are not worried about the past or the future anymore. 

 Do you know how this can be possible? The only way to explain this I think is,  that we are producing our own illnesses and sometimes even accidents. We have this amazing communication system between our mind and our body as Josep Soler  in his book “The language of the Soul” explains us. Our soul gives us clues when we are leaving the path. First an external event happens – like a flat tire – then  a minor disease and if we don’t listen there comes an illness  that puts us in bed for some days or even weeks,  to have time to listen to our inner voice.  When you look in the eyes of people with Alzheimer’s it feels as the soul would be on holiday – it’s hard to connect and sometimes just for seconds you can see  it’s there again.

I did talk to the head of the Senior Home to see if they would accept to use MyMat on my mom and the other seniors as MyMat produces wonderful high frequencies which could help them cherish up and reconnect – but the principal said that they could not as it was not yet official medicine.

It is 7 years yet that MyMat was born and it is 7 years that my mom is closed in this department.  I see that many of us who are working as therapist and healers have wonderful results with their patients but sometimes it is very hard and difficult to help family and friends.

I would love to hear about your experience with this hard to explain disease and how you relate to it.

By Renata Beffa

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