These programs address age related challenges. Helps to speed up regeneration processes after physical tiredness.

· Helps to speed up regeneration processes after physical tiredness.
· Diminishes muscle soreness after training.
· Stops the sensation of tiredness in your legs and lower back after walking and standing.
· Enhances mental efficiency through physical refreshment.
· Diminishes muscular strain after sports activities, 1-2 cycles right after training.
· Aids in optimizing lymphatic circulation and diminishes lymphatic congestion.
· Supports recovery from extreme tiredness.

· Enhances vitality.
· Helps to keep the body in good shape by facilitating adaptation of vital organs.
· For successful removal of metabolic waste products.
· Eases daily stress load both physically and mentally.

· Helps to maintain equanimity and good humor during difficult times.
· Supports being able to achieve and maintain emotional/mental balance.
· Beneficial in treating depression.

· Helps falling asleep.
· Aids diminishing depressive thoughts.
· Enhances physical and emotional feelings of peace.
· Beneficial in easing stress and eliminating tension in the body.

· Helps in assisting with rhythmic disturbances.
· Beneficial when dealing with stressful situations causing tightness in the chest and between the shoulder blades.

· Supplements hypertension treatments.
· Alleviates circulatory problems.
· Helps in assisting with rhythmic disturbances.

· Use as a complementary treatment to control glucose metabolic disorders related to sugar and carbohydrates.
· Helps to stimulate the bioinformatic connections of the pancreas.
· Beneficial for low insulin receptors.
· Complementary for treatment of obesity.

· Helps to ease the symptoms of hemorrhoids.
· Complements the treatment for rectal problems.
· Aids decrease rectal pain following constipation.

· In case of an acute inflammation of the bladder use as a supplement to optimize the treatment.
· Helps in reducing frequent chills.

· As a complementary self-care intervention to stimulate your Immune System.
· Useful to stimulate the healing of influenza, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia and intestinal flu symptoms.
· Start using the program with the first signs and use it for several days after the symptoms have gone.

· Beneficial for general reduction of acute and chronic pain
· Facilitates the relaxation and regeneration of the central nervous system
· Diminishes muscle soreness and enhances physical efficiency.
· Helps soothing emotions.

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