These programs provide athletes with natural energy before exercise and assist in releasing muscle tension, as well as recovery of micro lesions. Helps to speed up regeneration processes after physical tiredness.

· Use as a ’mind booster’, to enhance mental performance in stress situations.
· Beneficial for higher performance in sports and work.
· Helps mobilize your energy reserves and enhances co-ordination.
· Use before competition.
· Supports recovery from extreme tiredness.
· Alleviates circulatory problems.

· Helps to speed up regeneration processes after physical tiredness.
· Diminishes muscle soreness after training.
· Stops the sensation of tiredness in your legs and lower back after walking and standing.
· Enhances mental efficiency through physical refreshment.
· Diminishes muscular strain after sports activities, 1-2 cycles right after training.
· Aids in optimizing lymphatic circulation and diminishes lymphatic congestion.
· Supports recovery from extreme tiredness.

· Stimulates and accelerates the healing process of damaged tissues.
· Reduces scar formation.
· Optimizes lymphatic circulation.
· Increases the healthy function of bone tissue.

· Beneficial for general reduction of acute and chronic pain.
· Facilitates the relaxation and regeneration of the central nervous system.
· Diminishes muscle soreness and enhances physical efficiency.
· Helps soothing emotions.

· For prevention of – as well as existing backache.
· Helps to decrease existing lumbar pain (lumbago).
· Helps to diminish painful tension in the neck and shoulder region.
· Aids improve the performance of the vascular system of neck muscles and head.
· Complements therapy for all types of spinal complaints.
· Aids in the reduction of spinal problems that frequently follow chronic digestive dysfunction.

· Helps to treat muscle tissues and encourages muscle recovery.
· Use for a better regeneration of muscle tissue after micro injuries.
· Complements the treatment for locomotory disorders (e.g. after accident or paralytic stroke).
· Increases endurance of the muscles and decreases the risk of injuries.
· Supports healthy joints by harmonizing muscular imbalance.

· Enhances and optimizes the performance of the immune system.
· Helpful as an adjunct therapy during viral and/or bacterial diseases.
· Optimizes lymphatic circulation.

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