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How Does It Work?

We are not doing magic – we do know the language of our bodies and what we do is translate it so that your system recognizes it and remembers how to work and start healing itself. This is the moment when you reconnect with your inner knowing and you will start feeling differently – more in peace with yourself and your environment – more balanced and as a result healthier.


Frequently Asked Questions

By charging magnetic fields surrounding cell membranes channels open up for better nutrient penetration. Opening the channels also promotes easier waste elimination, efficiently restoring proper cell function. An efficient system of cells creates efficient tissue, which come together to make organs. Restoring proper function from the cellular level brings beneficial long term effects to all related problems and improves overall well being. Healthy cell function also diminishes the need for cell replacement, slowing down aging processes and energy waste.

What Others Say


Aura Herrera

“I’m a cancer survivor. I used MyMat in my treatment and it helped me a lot overcome my side effects of chemotherapy …”

I use it my self and for my clients

“I recommend it because its works, it doesn’t have secondary effects, and it can’t harm you in any way. It’s an amazing small device and really helps to sustain the vibration level of all your organs.”

Janine Fafard