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Some of MyMat’s Benefits

More than 10000 scientific studies prove the beneficial effects of PEMF on our organism

Relieves stress, reduces depression and stimulates positive emotions.

Activates cellular regeneration and self-healing, stimulates the immune system.

Helps eliminate symptoms of ailments and chronic diseases.

Collaborates with weight control and addictions.

Stimulates performance during exercise and decreases recovery time after injuries.

Doctors are also patients

In my case, I suffered from high blood pressure at a very young age. It relates to my genetic load. My parents were hypertensive. Thus, the intake of antihypertensive medication was a constant in my life. When knowing about MyMat, undoubtedly one of the first therapies that I experienced was for arterial hypertension. It was a great surprise to see the improvement I experienced. I have been using it constantly for 10 months and my medication consumption has been reduced significantly As a patient and as a doctor I highly recommend the use of MyMat!

Ricardo Raul Ruffini
June 3rd, 2018 

Who is it for?

MyMat can be used by everyone. It has complete programs with different frequencies that help you improve your mental and physical state depending on your needs. People from all over the world love MyMat. It can even be used for our pets. MyMat is for everyone!


the busy traveler

exercise lovers

chakra balancing

yoga & pilates


spa and wellness

stressed people



Healing House’s Mission is reconnecting you with your self-healing capacities and bringing peace and wellbeing to you and your environment through harmonic Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (PEMF).


Healing House aims to be an internationally recognized company for its performance in promoting comprehensive health care and human development through a holistic approach in harmony with the natural environment.

The Difference







1 Week 2 Weeks

How does it work?

MyMat is not just another PEMF device, it’s the first portable PEMF device connecting through an application emitting self-healing frequencies to your body. You can use it on the go – where ever you are – having your personal pocket healer with you all the time.

1Find and install MyMat app
2Create an account in the register button
6Enjoy your MyMat
3Select the language
5Enter the category of therapies you prefer
4Click on the buttons to select your program (+)
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Testimonial, Aura Herrera

Aura is a cancer survivor and gives her testimony about using the MyMat in her recovery.

Sport injury testimonial,

Jason Marin

How to recuperate faster?

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