MyMat´s Benefits

Through a symphony of healthy frequencies, MyMat reconnects you to your own self-healing capacities, to your inner wisdom, finding peace, harmony and result a healthy body and mind.

Help to balance energy

Improve sleep quality

Improve digestion

Reduce inflammation

Calms the mind

Accelerate healing

Increase relaxation

Reduce muscle tension

Aid in circulation

Aid in blood oxygen level

Stimulate the immune system

Support detoxification

Help with joint aches

Improves sports preparation

Support cell function and regeneration

What Others Say


After my surgery

“The frequencies that they emit allow us to reach the cells better and thus allow a generation of self-healing. It is a practical way to have your own self-healing.”

Vanessa Bustamente 
Mexico D.F.

Stress that business women have

“The MyMat helps me a lot. I use it for stress relief and also for keeping a balance in my life… It´s keeping me healthy, and emotionally stable and very happy.”

Angelica H – Business woman

Cariari, Costa Rica

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